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Guest Book

Guest Book

“Thank you cannot nearly express our appreciation for the cultural experience you have shared with us. We truly feel we have gotten to know and understand a little of Mexico—something we would not have done on a typical holiday.”

“…a little piece of paradise.”

“Thank you so much for a wonderful introduction to Mexico. I know that we have just seen the tip of the margarita, but what a lovely first sip it has been.”

“The experience of the ‘real Mexico’ in a luxurious and beautiful surroundings…”

“Everyday of our stay was perfect. Beach, sun and siestas, punctuated by food, shopping and sightseeing. Thanks for sharing your love (Mexico) with us.”

“Every experience changes us in some way. The sun, the swimming, the exploring and of course, the Mexican friendships, will stay with me for a lifetime.”

“We love you, Lin and Jim! You opened up your home, showed us so many lovely places, and introduced us to some very special people. Your spirit shines through, in all that you do, and we thank you for the bottom of our hearts.”

“What can I say!….from the moment I arrived, a day has not passed where I’ve not been blown away by a little piece of your heaven. The two of you have given me an incredible taste of Mexico that I know I will never forget… Your warmth, kindness and hospitality will never be forgotten. “

“Thank you so much for your helping us to see a most intimate view of life in Mexico. We will go home singing your praises. Gracias por todo!”

” Jim is truly one of the most gentlemanly guys we’ve every met and Lin, the ultimate hostess… In our six trips to Mexico, this has been the finest (and we were only here 5 days!!!). We will be back again and again….”


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...a little piece of paradise.


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